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Mountain Spirit ChaletMountain Spirit Chalet
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Aussenfoto Tisch Aussicht image00041[62]Aussenfoto Tisch Aussicht image00041[62]
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Mountain Spirit Chalet

About the accommodation

Are you looking for mountain spirits, a retreat – a very special time out or just a luxury hideaway in the Kitzbühler Alps?

Everyone will find their UNIQUE STAY here!

Located opposite the national park with breathtaking views, a beautiful swimming pond, barbecue & ski-in-ski-out in winter.

This luxury chalet is located near Kitzbühel on the summit of Pass Thurn, nestled in a beautiful landscape with all-day sunshine.

The farmhouse with a large garden is located in a secluded location at an altitude of 1260 m. In summer the cows graze, in winter there is a beautiful blanket of snow. Here you will find the connection to nature, which ensures perfect relaxation.

Details about the chalet

The villa is built in the typical traditional style.
It has many lovingly handcrafted details: such as thick walls on the first floor, many double windows, window cross, handcrafted doors, beautiful floors
and high quality fabrics. The first floor is made of pure, light spruce and pine wood, with special decorations.

The highlight is a centuries-old South Tyrolean parlor that serves as a cozy dining room for 8 people.
The living room has an open fireplace and comfortable sofas and armchairs. TV and streaming services are available here.

The high-quality and fully equipped kitchen will delight everyone who loves cooking.

On the second floor are three bedrooms with 7 beds, 2 bathrooms, one of which has a free-standing bathtub, and a small sauna. All connected by a spacious hallway and surrounded by a balcony.

Outside there are two spacious terraces with various seating and loungers. This means you can always find your perfect outdoor spot depending on the time of day. A first-class gas grill awaits you in your outdoor kitchen, which you combine with the breathtaking view over the Hohe Tauern.

Special offer: pay 6 / stay 7

If you would like to book this offer, please send us your booking details by email.


Adress: Jochberg 36, 5731 Hollersbach / Pass Thurn

Cleaning fee: 350 EUR

Tourist tax: 2,50 per person per day from 16 years.

Cancelation Policies:

April-November: up to 4 weeks before arrival 100% refund.

December-March: up to 6 weeks before arrival 100% refund.


Price information / Booking

Mountain Spirit

Travel information

Only a few details until your dream vacation.



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